Professional Diagnostics Service

With over 10 years experience let us help get you spa back up and running.


Deep Clean 


With a Mixture of service packages designed for all our customers to keep your spa looking like the day it was brought.

From As Little As £99


Supply And Fit Replacement Parts

Not only do we diagnose we also replace the faulty parts.

With trade accounts across the world, I am dedicated to get you the best possible prices for your parts.


Contract Installations 

And Repairs

I offer a discounted diagnostics and repair service for dealers that need support and in warranty spas repaired. The service is independent and the visit can be customised to how you prefer to run your business.


Repairs & Upgrade Services - Getting You Back Up And Running !!!

Aqua Fix Hot Tub Repairs Engineers Specialise in fixing every make and model hot tub sold within the UK no matter if it has been manufactured in the UK, USA, Canada Or China. What ever the fault our engineers 

  • Fault finding and full testing of the suspected faulted part,

  • Part possibly replaced with a temporary test part to check the issue clears,

  • Part is quoted to the customer and ordered if the customer is happy,

  • Parts are replaced, pressure tested and completed with a 14 day labour warranty.


Hot Tub Maintenance & Deep Cleaning Services - Bring That SPAkle Back Int Your Spa

After you have spent thousands of pounds on your Hot Tub why wouldn't you want to get it checked over every now and again?

DID YOU KNOW !!! By having a annual service once a year you could save your self a £1000 in repair bills by spotting a possible fault and rectifying the issue before it becomes an expensive fix.

Our service plans can be customised for your general needs and requirements depending on usage, age of the spa and if there is any issues outstanding that needs to be resolved.


BEFORE           AFTER


What A Service Can Include, 

  • Pipes and filter housing deep cleaned with de-greaser on arrival with pipe flush.

  • Full drain down and water removal with the spas piping, 

  • Filters removed and chemical cleaned

  • Head rests, jets,  cleaned and polished

  • Shell power cleaned, washed, dried and polished.

  • Spas External casing cleaned and gel protection,

  • Lid cleaned, polished and uv protected

  • Steps cleaned checked over.

  • Jets checked seals checked,

  • Air / water diverters greased up

  • All internal piping, electronics and pumps checked.

  • Spa filled with clean water

  • Air locks removed and spa tested

Our engineers can also provide a 30 point test and report emailed to you on all premium service plans

Service Plans

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Hot Tub Installation Service - Bringing Your New Spa To Life.

Sadly a New Hot Tub ism not like a mobile phone or washing machine, you cant just plug them in and use them without the correct knowledge and advice. 70% of people who purchases a new or second hand hot tub have never

used or maintained a spa before in there life. This is why we offer a support service to visit your home and offer 

special services to get you in the picture, offer support to maintain and run your spa correctly and give chemical training and protection for you and your families safety.

  • PreInstallation Advice On Bases & Electric Requirements

  • Pre Installation Advice On Access Requirements.

  • Chemical Support & Advice followed by a demonstration,

  • Set up and installation of accessories 

  • User support for the electronic controls, and accessories

  • Set up wifi controls if available 

  • Support on the filtration systems, 


For Second user Spas)

  • Visit the new spas location and test everything is as discribed,

  • Connection to the mains cable to the spa (pre installed)

  • Full 30 point test and check over before operation,

  • Offer support, advice and recommend possible upgrades

Also All of the above for new brand new spas.









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