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The Shopping List 

Here is a shopping list of all the things you will need to keep your water clean, clear and safe.


Chlorine Granules

Chlorine Tablets

Tablet Float

Ph Plus

Ph Minus

Test Stripes

- Filter Cleaner (trigger Spray)

New Filters 

Rapid Shock - Non Chlorine Shock

Aqua Sparkle is the best quality chemicals we recommend which they are very popular and affordable.

Downloadable Support

We provide 2 free downloadable PDFs with loads of support, advice and help to help you understand water treatments and how to maintain your spa.

Downloadable Popular Systems


Making Life Easier !!!

Wet / Dry Vac


The best investment by far for a hot tub owner is a wet and dry vac.

Great for hoovering all those last little pits up and taking all the dirty water out the jets before filling the spa back up.

Affordable from £29.99 and the best solution to keep your spa maintenance on top form. 

Sump / Dirty Water Pump

pump 2.PNG
pump 1.PNG

If you struggle to drain your spa or your fed up of waiting for 6 hours to drain off then you need one of these. A fast water pump / dirty water pump or sump pump are great for draining out a spa in 15 mins.

Used with a solid sender pipe simply join the pipe to the pump, drop the pipe in a drain and pump the pump into the middle of the spa and that is it, drained in 15 mins ready to clean.

Water Pump Pipe

solid pipe.PNG

2 inch water pipe or also know as a sender pipe, great for pumping the water to a near by drain. A lot quicker than a hose or the traditional blue flat pipe that kinks on every bend.


Spa Cap 

Spa caps are great for broken hot tub lids that are leaking heat and wont seal properly. Also good at preventing weathering the lid during the winter periods.

Spa Cover / Bag


Spa bags are perfect to keep a spa covered during the winter if you dont use the spa and have closed it down. Also really good for spas that lead of the heat.