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Hot Tub Repair Services We Offer


Diagnostic & Fault Finding

The first thing our engineers do when attending a call out is a full diagnostics with includes, looking at why the break down has happened, whats the cause and when the part has been replaced or fixed what we can do to stop it happening again.


When the fault is found and tested, we then will give you a repair price / quote, this is where you can decide if you want the spa fixed or not.

Our engineers can also provide you with a emailed copy of the report along with the quotation.

National Diagnostics & Repair Services 

Fault Finding & Fixing Is Our Passion

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A very common issue within hot tubs is pipes bursting, joints coming loose or seals wearing away.

70% of the time this is because of cheap aggressive chemicals that deteriorate the spas internals including the seals.

Our engineers attend site and locate the water leaking area, they will drain the spa and replace the pipe that is damaged or the seal that has worn away and refill the spa to test make sure the leak is gone is fixed.

Why not speak to our engineers about replacing the common seals on your next service. We offer free fitting on all service plans 


Piping & Seal Repairs

Heater System Repairs


Heater Systems within a control pack can be dangerous if these are not checked and replaced on a regular basis. If the element seal perishes this will allow water near electrics which is never a good idea.

If you have a service every year, an engineer will check this for you to make sure you are safe and the element is corroded or scaled up. 

When I heater fails this will cause the house electrical RCD breaker to trip the electrics and stop the spa from operating. It is advised not to use the spa until the issue is resolved. 

Our engineers carry elements and heater packs on board with them  to get you back up and running straight away.

Unresponsive Keypad Swaps

Keypads take a lot of hammering which is not surprising they fail quite often. Our team can match your keypad and replace the item normally within am couple of days. 

Keypads are not really a repairable part due to the amount of chemicals that gets into the controls with the water when there housings become damaged or there seals are broken.

control panel.png

Replacement Control Panels

The Spa control panel is like the brain of the spa. the electrical supply is wired into the spa pack and then every component is run from there. 

Once the spa control panel is damaged or faulty, this will stop the how spa from operating correctly. There is also a lot of changeable parts within the control panel like the temperature sensors, flow sensors, heater elements etc.

The only negative with a lot of older spa packs is that the parts become obsolete with time. When an older spa fails the only option is to replace the whole pack which can be costly but not as must as a new spa.

pumps 1.png

Pump Repairs 

Like the spa control panel there is also a lot of changeable parts on a pump. Within a pump there are seals, power capacitors etc around the main pump. These can be fixed depending on the issue.

Our engineers can fix leaking pumps at half the price of a new pump depending on how long the pump has been leaking and if there is any further damage. Quicker the pump is fixed then chepaer the repair bill in a lot of cases.